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Bad Day
Wednesday. 5.5.10 11:14 pm
I am having a very, very bad day. My worker/friend flipped out while I was at an event. Luckily, another workers could fill in so I'm fine. Thank you Beth & Amy. I'm sorry that my friend is having issues. I wonder if she should be working for anyone, especially me, as I have significant needs. I think she needs to go on disability for a while to get her head on straight. She might, to my horror, did to go to some sort of mental health institution. I hate institutions, but some people need that kind of help.

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Off to grandma and DC
Thursday. 4.22.10 12:47 am
I'm going away to tomorrow. AC for my grandmother's birthday, than DC for a War Tax Resistance event. Then it's ADAPT time. I will try to post from there. I will be back on 4/29 around 4pm. Then it's a speech on thirtieth and Pride and a manuscript due to be mailed out on on 5/1. Whoo, I'm tired just contemplating that! Afterwards it's sleep for some days!

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Supersize Me!
Monday. 4.19.10 4:53 pm
I'm bitter. My editor has not paid me. I may not go to DC, because of him. Just gross! I have a poetry reading tonight, but I'm in no mood to read. I'm watching the DVD of Supersize Me. I watched the commentary and bonus features, first. Now I'm watching the movie, I've seen it before. My favorite part is commentary.

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hi everyone
Sunday. 4.18.10 8:38 pm
I haven't been here in about 8 months. I just got so busy with other writing projects. I couldn't motivate myself to come here, especially without the lure of the almighty dollar. I know this makes me sound awful and that's not usually how I operate, but as it's true in this case, I feel like it's better to be honest.

Let's see, what's been going on. I got a new job as the Western Massachusetts disability examiner for Examiner.com. I got rid of cable because they said I looked at porn which I didn't. I'm a happier person as a result of not having cable, although I did miss it during the Olympics. It's funny. Now I get regular letters from the cable company asking me to come back. I guess they've fixed the porn problem.

So what's everybody been doing in Nutang land? I'm curious .

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Going away...
Tuesday. 8.25.09 8:20 pm
I've never been so ready for an event in my life. I have money, debit card, van service reservations (on both ends), exact change, transit pass, and ID. My clothes are packed, my books are packed, i have medicine. I have my reading material and a magazine to hide it. It's trans material and I don't want soomeone getting fresh with me, although some folks act like idiots and I am just not going to be in the mood tomorrow. Trust and believe!

I'll be away most of the rest of week. I'll try to check in. I'm disappointed. I put up a new entry yesterday and haven't even earned a penny. On the 30th, when I return, I'm going to vow to to write here every day for two months and see if I can't make payout that way. Anyway, love and see you later.

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I haven't been here in a really long time.
Sunday. 8.23.09 5:40 pm
Let's see. Update. What should I tell you? Still single. Bah humbug. Finished my poems for the poetry competition and submitted them. Didn't chicken out because my childhood idol poet is the judge. Fairly proud of myself about that. Had another visit to the ER because the knee was acting weird. God, I hate the ER. Now, they referred me to a pain specialist which I wanted before but no one would refer me too. I think they're just tired of me coming in there.

Spent lots of time planning this crazy three day novel adventure. One of the things I'm doing to prepare is getting my guest room ready for my typist to come and stay over. In order for that to happen, I need to get a new vacuum, new sheets, and move my extra chairs against the wall. I've already drafted a specific assistant to this job.

In other news, I'm going to the NAMAC conference in Boston. I hope my knee doesn't give me any trouble. It seems to be on a two week cycle. It'll be fine and even seems to be getting better. But then, exactly fourteen days from it's last flair it will act up again. I know. I've been keeping track. Oddly enough, I'm starting to dread Saturday. The next flair day if this schedule keeps up is during the three day novel contest. That's totally unacceptable. I'll go to the doctor and see what he can offer me. I'll even take scary drugs or consider surgery and for me, as you know, is a lot. But, I just want it to stop and my life to go back to normal.

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